On November 25th, 2019, the Lycée Louis Massignon witnessed red, green, black and white. The national day of the United Arab Emirates was launched when the first students arrived in the morning. Everything had been carefully prepared. Decorations, traditional activities…

Like every year, a camel was waiting for the students at the entrance. Henna workshops were in place. Traditional food was being prepared. The dances, involving students of all ages, had been rehearsed. The music took place in the courtyard. And slowly, during the morning, the action and the emotion increased. At noon, we had the highlight of the show. All the students settled around the secondary schoolyard to attend, in the presence of personalities, the show organized by the different classes: songs and dances, girls in colorful and elegant dresses, boys in white djellabas.

If you haven’t had the chance to dip your lips in a bergamot coffee, you could get a taste of the UAE traditions and its culture. As every year, the national day was a time for union and brotherhood between cultures, so dear to the Emirates, to France and to the LLM.