Dear parents,

The APE is happy to inform you that the number of voters this year has increased, with around 20% of families engaged.We are fully aware that it reflects that 80% have not expressed their opinion, and one of our main objectives this coming year will be to engage this silent respectful community.

The official results are as follows :

– For the representatives to the ‘Conseil d’Etablissement’: 2 seats for the APE and 2 seats for the Cape

– For the representatives to the ‘Conseil d’Ecole’: 8 seats for the APE and 7 seats for the CAPE

We would like to take the opportunity to say a big thank you to all parents who voted in this election, as the association(s) of parents is(are) the spokesperson for all LLM families, having at heart to improve the well-being and the academic success of all the children.

The APE was, is and will be again this year by your side, to deliver its promises in the current specific conditions that we are all fully aware of. We have already many ideas that will be soon shared. We will approach on a regular basis about topics that you would like us to tackle, we will listen to your demands and worries, and we will keep you updated regarding the meetings happening during the different school boards, as fast as possible, via our different communication channels.

We would also like to wish good luck to the Cape in their new responsibilities.


The APE team