Dear Parents,

Kindly be informed that a special AEFE meeting took place on Thursday, October 16. As a result, a support fund of 15 million euros has been approved, to help the french schools abroad in 4 main domains:

– Reinforcement of digital capabilities: equipment, connection improvements, …

– Help to children with difficulties: intra or extra school support, training,…;

– Application of health and safety measures: specific requests, in material, space rental, people,…

– Teachers’ training on e-learning.

The schools would be able to request support for one of several of these domains, up to 30% of the expenses for a maximal amount of 100,000 EUR per school. The expenses must answer needs linked to the COVID-19 crisis and be implemented between March 1st to the 31st of December 2020.

In addition, another fund of 10 million euros is approved to help the schools seeing a significant decrease in term of students (more than 5%), and facing financial difficulties as a direct consequence, to relaunch the activity: adaptation to the new situation, improvement of the school attractiveness (for ex by decreasing temporarily the fees), improvement in communication, etc.

The support can represent:

– 50% of the expenses for a max amount of 150,000 EUR if the number of students has dropped more than 5% in comparison with 2019

– 100% of the expenses for a max amount of 300,000 EUR if the number of students has dropped more than 25% in comparison with 2019

The AEFE and diplomats will communicate shortly on the specific details for these funds, benefiting all the French schools abroad, no matter their status.It is important to emphasize that these funds are subventions and not simple credits.

It is an opportunity that each school would have to seize!

We are very happy about these 2 support funds, that will allow to decrease the charges supported by the schools, and at the end the financial weight supported by the families.