Dear Parents,

In accordance with the announcement made by the administration, the election of parents’ representatives of the Lycée Louis Massignon will take place on October 13, 2020. The election will be concocted by electronic vote.

The Association of parents’ committee (APE), which has been supporting the parents of the Lycée Louis Massignon and actively participating in the school’ life, further having a constructive approach with both teachers and administration, has been declared a candidate in these elections. 

To this end, the APEproposes a list of candidates – representative of the cosmopolitan community – of the Lycée Louis Massignon.  Applicants are also distinguished by the diversity and complementarity of their professional skills, which they undertake to serve the interests of the school, parents but above all students.  That said, the scope of the APE lies primarily in the continued engagement of a majority of its members in this associative activity with the sole aim of improving the school experience for all students.

In order to ensure the sustainability of its commitment, the APE and its team have set up a legal platform that meets the regulatory conditions required in conformity with the French and UAE Law:

Kindly find enclosed:

1.    Flyer (donations, achievements)

2.    Power point of the General Assembly

3.    Financial statement 

4.    Members of the APE 2020-2021

5.    Council members (board members, nationality chart)

6.    Profession of faith

Regarding the voting arrangements, each family will receive an email from the school inviting them to log into their Eduka account in order to participate in the elections by electronic voting.  It is crucial to specify that each family has the right for two votes.  If your Eduka account only mentions one email address, you will receive two emails on that address, however, if you have mentioned two email addresses then you will receive one email on each address. 

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us at the APE email address


The APE team