Outcome of the « Budget Meeting » held on the 13th October 2020:

1. The LLM has foreseen an increase for the 2021/2022 school fees of:

  • 4% for the ‘maternelle’
  • 2% for the ‘élémentaire’
  • 5% for the ‘collège’
  • 1% for the ‘lycée’

and is exclusively the decision of the AEFE to decide upon.

2. The APE has stated that it remains the decision of the ADEK as a last party to validate.

3- The AEFE circulaire as per circulaire 1566 specifies that associations of parents have only the right to give ‘un avis’ / opinion but our vote is not credited.

4- Hence the APE has suggested that the LLM takes the responsibility to send a draft to families to inform them ASAP. If the situation turns out to be difficult, the school, and not the parents’ associations, must take full responsibility for responding to parental feedback.

5- The financial controller agreed upon following to the insistence of the APE President.

6. A detailed report will be shared in details once issued by the management.

7. APE is absolutely against this increase which comes at a critical time given the current context.

8. We are still awaiting for the detailed reasons of this increase (renovation of the gymnasium, etc.)


APE Board members