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Answers to parents’ questions

A meeting was organized last Sunday 8 November with the LLM, to answer some of the questions that parents have raised to the APE. Please see below the summary.

Face-to-face for secondary school classes:

ADEK asks that face-to-face be 50% but not possible at LLM (25% only) for the following reasons:

– The schedules are done on half-days, because it is not possible today to make lunch the pupils, nor in the canteen (not enough places and the cleaning between 2 services would take too much time), nor with a lunch box outside (all benches have been removed).

– The timetables have been changed to include subjects such as sports or music in the afternoon, subjects which cannot be taught in person anyway.

– The specialties for terminal years lead to additional constraints, because there is no limit in the possible combinations, so each specialty can group together students from different classes, which may exceed the limit number. The solution put in place is that students beyond the maximum number follow the course in an adjacent classroom, on a screen, and there is now a supervisor in these rooms.

– The same model will be applied a priori for classes starting in January.

Other solutions are being tested or under study:

– For some levels, lunch box to spend a full day at school, but limited option due to space available.

– Provide other rooms for the lunch box meal? Question of availability again, especially with the resumption of other classes in January and complicated cleaning to meet health constraints.

– Suggestions from associations: give priority to the levels which pass exams, and especially the final ones. Could a snack be considered if the days are shorter?

The impact on school transport:

– It is not possible to reduce the time spent in the buses because it depends on the routes.

– Buses will be made available at 10 a.m.

– For the resumption of video lessons at home at 2 p.m. and the fact that some students arrive late and do not have time to eat: the teachers are notified and it is ok for the students to eat during the lesson.

– Under study: possibility of eating a lunch box before getting on the buses because it is not allowed on the buses.


– Evaluations made on secondary school classes do not show dropouts or students in great difficulty (one case in terminal).


Lots of communication this year from the LLM and associations to parents, via all digital channels.

Sum of homework that is sometimes too important: parents must discuss it with the head teacher.

Exposure to screens: for the educational aspect, it is a question of responding to current constraints, a reduction in exposure to screens can only be done during leisure time.

EPS for the Bac: no info yet on how it will be assessed.

Internships: waiting for more info, for the moment on break.

Payment by credit card for school fees: not possible at the moment because parents cannot enter the school, and not possible to set up a payment system via the website (data protection and link with the Public Treasury).

AEFE funds: the LLM does not meet the criteria, so no file sent.

Security: instead of providing badges to access the school to pick up students, you will be asked to present the its learning application on the mobile phone. Metal detectors will be provided to security members.

Bourses: alert the consulate if a family’s situation changes due to the crisis.

IT infrastructure:

Many investments have been made:

– HD video in all rooms.

– Big updates of software and programs.

– Additional WiFi points, all buildings are completely covered.

– Interactive boards.

– Some students prefer to use their own equipment and the transmission quality is lower than that offered by the school.

– Teacher training in new online tools, to be provided for new teachers who have joined recently. A new teacher has been added for training. It is a new profession, still in the process of adjustment, all over the world.

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Becoming a parent delegate, what does that mean and how to candidate

Dear Parents,

The APE invites you to express your wish to be a parent delegate of your child’s class for college grades. As you know, each year, a list of volunteer parents comprising 2 holders and if possible 2 substitutes for each class of the middle and high school is established.

If you wish to actively participate in the life of your child’s class for college grades, we invite you to send us your contact details, mentioning your name and the class you will represent at the following email address:

For those who have not yet had the opportunity to play this role, we invite you to read the explanations below.


  • Communication role:
    • Between parents of students in the same class.
    • Between the parents of this class and the school.
  • Role of parent representative of the whole class:
    • Class councils
    • At meetings of parent delegates


  • Question an approach or even a teaching method as well as the programs.
  • Act as an intermediary between a teacher and a parent in the event of an individual problem.
  • Circulate petitions, advertisements or anonymous letters.
  • Participate in class councils with the sole objective of discussing your child’s situation.


The list of parent delegates, including their e-mails and telephone numbers, will be communicated by class, and must be kept confidential.

Within a reasonable period of time, the APE will give the parent-delegates of each class a list including: the name of each pupil, the name of the legal representatives as well as their e-mails. When new families arrive, parent delegates will be informed of any changes to the class list.

The parent-delegate can ask for help from the APE if it is difficult for them to get in touch with a family.

Class Council Calendar: The timetable for class councils (date, time and place) will be notified by the establishment in its weekly letter. An e-mail will also be sent to parent-delegates by the APE on this subject.

(*) Note: The e-mail address is communicated to the delegated parents only if the parents authorize the establishment to disseminate this information, in accordance with the data in the school life sheet filled in and updated at the start of the school year.


The two parents elected from the same class must agree to coordinate their communication with the other parents in the class.

From the list of e-mails of families in the class given by the establishment, parent-delegates contact the parents of their class.

Please note: Family email addresses are personal and confidential data that must be treated as such. As a consequence and unless the families agree otherwise, the parent-class delegate must use the function “send in hidden copy – bcc (in English) or cci (in French)”, when he wants to distribute information to all parents of his class. In this way, the confidentiality of the class list is preserved and cannot be used by third parties.

If he wishes and subject to the approval of the families, the parent-delegate can constitute, with the help and for the attention of the families, a contact file for his class with personal data that the parents authorize. to communicate (in free format with data such as: Name, postal address, telephone numbers, mobiles, emails, etc.). Where applicable, this file is made up of the parent representatives with the parents of their class without intervention from the establishment. The delegates who are responsible for disseminating them must recall the personal and confidential use to be made of the data they disseminate.


When it is clearly stipulated, the parent-delegate transmits to the parents of his class the information received from the Lycée (school life, Communication, infirmary, orientation, events …) concerning the life of the class or all the students.

Parent delegates must inform parents within a reasonable time of the dates of class councils and meetings with the administration in order to collect, in advance, questions and opinions from parents on subjects that affect the class.


The parent delegate endeavors to collect the opinions of the parents of the class he represents in advance.

The parent-delegate must participate in class councils while respecting the confidentiality of personal information relating to children; only the family of the child concerned has the right to information about their own child, if they request the delegated parent after the class council.

The detailed list of averages by subject for each pupil which is distributed to the parent delegates is a confidential document which must be treated as such and which must not be distributed outside the class council.

The parent delegates write the report of the class council for the attention of the families of the class, including the general information communicated on the whole class (a model report will be offered to the parent delegates).

Dissemination of the report: In order to standardize practices and ensure the dissemination of this report to all parents, it must be sent to the president of the class council within a reasonable period of three days after the Class Council. The distribution will then be provided by the school which will transmit it via Pronote.


The parent-delegate meeting takes place once a quarter with representatives of all classes, in order to collect questions and suggestions that may help improve the functioning of the establishment.

It precedes the meeting of statutory bodies, which alone have decision-making power.

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Summary of the school board of the 3rd of November

Safety measures

Many parents’ questions relate to safety, some answers:

– Dealing with a complicated regional situation (boycott of French products) despite the UAE’s condemnation of the attacks and their message of solidarity

– The French authorities are in contact at all levels in order to ensure security conditions

– The Ambassador called for increased vigilance measures

– Patrols are set up around the school (day and night)

– Police presence around the establishment

– Increase in the number of security guards at entrances and exits

– Establishment of a parent badge that will allow access to the establishment

– Security guards will be equipped with metal detectors

– Certain changes will surely be made in terms of children’s entry and exit

Back to school report

– Structure and workforce: a new nurse this year specifically for kindergartens

– Return to school strongly impacted by sanitary conditions

o Movement of CPs in Bat A

o All kindergartens spread over Bat J

o Modification of entries and exits from nursery schools and CPs

o Establishment of staggered schedules

– Entrances and exits and staggered schedules have been designed to impact the functioning of families as little as possible; rather positive results of this organization

– The playgrounds have been compartmentalized with a space reserved for each group, the college grounds are also used by the primary (setting up staggered schedules)

– For the moment it is not possible to set up sports activities, but an adaptation is underway with contactless sports and without equipment to take into account all the constraints

– The swimming pool will remain closed until further notice

– 56 students chose or were forced for medical reasons to distance themselves

o 2 or 3 zoom visios per week o Language courses (almost the same number of hours as the children in the classroom)

o Large volume of work for teachers who have had to reinvent their profession

– Parent question on e-learning:

o Possibility of creating a common space on the e-learning platform? The platform used for e-learning is it’s learning, each student has 3 workspaces which are managed independently by the teachers concerned, each student has their own unique access codes, teachers can follow progress.

Intervention of Mr. Fontaine:

– One of the objectives is to make the students as independent as possible in their learning over a 15-day period

– There is a significant evolution of teaching practices

– Teachers do training when the children are in person on the use of the platform (where is what)

Intervention of Ms. Boujaoudé (Head of the Arab Pole): The timetables are already available on it’s learning for Arabic courses.

o Would it be possible to receive an email notification when new work is available? Some reluctance to use emails (personal or professional) from parents, an it’s learning application exists which allows you to receive notifications, a training capsule is available

o Would it be possible for the school to lend computer equipment? It’s not planned this year, and the school doesn’t have any equipment to lend

Intervention of Mr. Fontaine: It is complicated to merge the different tabs on its learning since the groups are not the same, the entries are individual according to the student registrations but we will see what it is technically possible to do. There are no more planned changes to the schedules.

o Possibility of going 100% face-to-face for all primary? There are not enough classes available and especially not enough teachers since classes are limited to 15 students per group for primary

o There was a lot of homework given during the last vacation. It is important to rest during the holidays but it is a time that is also conducive to reading and research

o Will extra-curricular activities be implemented? The LLM had planned a real organization around extra-curricular activities, but it is forbidden to involve people from outside. The project is ready and will be implemented as soon as possible but should remain on hold for now.

How to open the PS

– Considered as a crèche by ADEK

– Obligation to hold a commercial license for the reception of children under 3 years old

– Awaiting authorization to open

– Regular reminders of the competent authorities

– Health constraints are very restrictive:

o No nap o No public transport

o Obligation for parents to download the Al Hosn application

o Obligation for children to be clean (no more possibility of change on site)

o No more personal objects authorized at school (blanket)

o Children with symptoms are of course not allowed

o Masks in kindergartens are recommended but not mandatory

– 72 students were enrolled, 3 withdrawals so 69 enrolled including a few high risk students

– The school has little latitude in the application of health rules

– Important to thank the teachers of the small section who have been very active since the start of the school year

Intervention of Mr. Fontaine: The communication package for the parents is ready and will be sent to the families as soon as possible so that they can organize themselves as well as possible. No date yet, still awaiting validation of the file.

Intervention of Mr. El Ayachi: It’s not a nursery year. There is a real small section learning strategy. Teachers, rooms and communication are ready. Ms. Simon communicated a file on kindergarten which will be distributed to families.

Axes of the school project

Aim for and guarantee excellence for all students

– Diagnostic evaluations

o The results are reassuring

o Students are up to date in their learning

o Reinforcement required in French for cycles 1 and 2

o Required reinforcement in reading in cycle 3 especially in CM2

o No disaster linked to distance

o A disparity between students who took advantage of the distance and those who suffered from it (especially non-French speaking families)

Intervention of Ms. Simon: Assessment carried out as in France and which complies with expectations This assessment is used to check the expectations or prerequisites for entering a school level.

o Average high compared to the area (Middle East) and the Emirates and very high compared to certain French regions

o Some students should read and write more o Important to thank the teachers because it is largely thanks to them

– Specialized teaching in French and foreign languages:

o Online resource and weekly newsletter

– Linguistic course:

o Not the same hourly volume

o Supplemented by personal working time at home

o The content is of high quality but it is not used enough by families

Intervention of Ms. Boujaoudé:

– Meetings are organized to explain the different routes

– A summary will be sent to families

– The learning is divided into 2 parts: teaching and practice

– Students do not practice enough outside

– You have to use a language to learn it

– Platforms are available that allow children to practice writing and speaking: compensates for the lack of practice

– The child can choose what he wants to read

– These activities are fun and complement what cannot be done at school

o Grouping of ALEs with ALEs and ALMs with ALMs in class pairs

o Try to minimize constraints o A teacher has been recruited

o Except for CP or FTAs ​​and ALMs are mixed o ALMs are also placed in this category according to their passport

Intervention of Ms. Rafei (APE): As a representative of all parents, it is important to thank the management for raising the level of the language. Thanks also for the “little thinking mind” platform which made it possible to avoid blackouts during the holidays.

Intervention of Ms. Boujaoudé: GS have been added to the “little thinking mind” platform ADEK’s assessment rated the LLM’s Arabic level as “very good”. The LLM is the only school to have obtained this grade.

– International Section:

o Teachers’ binomial with common times

o Following a request from parents, an extra teacher time has been set up after 4 p.m. (office open)

o Time constraint therefore end before 5 p.m.

o Some withdrawals at the start of the year which were not replaced by students on the waiting list in order to have a smaller number of students

o The number of students is high for video lessons

o Important to trust teachers

o There are constraints to take into account

Intervention of Mr. Fontaine:

– Normal heterogeneity

– Selection of non-elitist students to be able to accommodate a large population

– Taking into account the student’s ability to take on an overload of work

– Vocation to continue in college

– Heterogeneity is a strength in a group

– There is no beginner in English

– Students have been selected by teachers or on file for newcomers

– We must trust the teachers

– There were not many refusals

– Around 80% of requests accepted

– There was strong pressure from some parents

– This is not a bilingual class

– This represents 3 hours of English more per week on British culture

Information on dialogue with families

– Collective meeting by level

– Specific meeting for languages

– End of term on December 5 for primary

– Use of Livre Eval and not Pronote for French

– Use of Pronote for languages

– Use of “I validate” for kindergarten

– Parent teacher meeting in January for primary and in February for kindergarten Digital workspace and digital tools

Digital equipment

– Use of it’s learning

– Equipment improvement plan

– Set up live time with the class

– Reinforcement of WiFi and networks

– Classrooms equipped with overhead projector and video projector

Continuation of the project to develop the playground and the entrance to the primary school and work

– Improved canopy

– Awaiting authorization for the establishment of the waiting canopy for parents

– The educational garden is on hold

– The APE helped finance the improvement of the primary yard

– Other improvements are planned for the playgrounds (ball track, bike circuit, ground games, etc.)

Intervention of Ms. Rafei (APE): Would like to congratulate the members of the APE who worked hard to provide 120,000 AED in donation to the school last year despite the difficult conditions

Educational projects and festive events

– Hard to envision given the context

– The children were delighted to be able to come in disguise for Halloween

– We must discuss a calendar of events and adaptation to the health situation

– Lots of action in college

– Reflection in progress on the UAE National Day

Intervention of Ms. Boujaoudé:

Setting up of sets

– There will be no speakers this year

– Organization of educational activities on heritage and novelties (satellite, etc.)

– Implementation of vocabulary games

– Will be organized the last week of November

– Christmas party: gifts will be bought by teachers

– See for virtual tours

– Sports projects have already been initiated with the GS

– The ‘ambassadeur en herbe’ project is maintained and will be adapted to the circumstances

Intervention of Ms. El Kabsi (APE): Planning or date to be communicated on the other levels?

Intervention of Mr. Fontaine:

– There is no calendar yet

– Teachers adapt to circumstances

– Work will be done around the orienteering race

– Lots of new things are in place

– It’s a lot of teamwork

– Good feedback

– Language week – plurilingualism

Intervention of Ms. El Kabsi (APE): Possibility of authorizing the loan of books from the CDI to promote reading? Intervention of Mr. Fontaine: Formal ban on borrowing, moreover the two CDI rooms are now used as classrooms. Possibility of subscription with the ‘L’Ecole des Loisirs’.

Divers questions

– Bags too heavy? There is no locker this year, some school bags are already heavy being empty so we may have to review the choice at this level, scales have been ordered to study the subject

– Too long a wait for the buses? Not possible to make it shorter since places are limited

– Implementation of a half-fare system if only one trip is made per day? After a financial study, it is more profitable for parents to pay a fixed price, the transport price has not changed since 2015

– Increase in tuition fees? This question will be dealt with by the governing board, a survey was carried out by the two associations of parents of pupils, the activity books were paid for this year by the LLM, parents were asked to provide material in MS and GS but the budget is minimal.

– Quarantine when you return from vacation? A study is underway with ADEK to set up 100% distancing when returning from vacation for everyone. Unless otherwise instructed by ADEK, quarantined LLM students will not be distanced.

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Important info from the AEFE regarding budget

Dear Parents,

Kindly be informed that a special AEFE meeting took place on Thursday, October 16. As a result, a support fund of 15 million euros has been approved, to help the french schools abroad in 4 main domains:

– Reinforcement of digital capabilities: equipment, connection improvements, …

– Help to children with difficulties: intra or extra school support, training,…;

– Application of health and safety measures: specific requests, in material, space rental, people,…

– Teachers’ training on e-learning.

The schools would be able to request support for one of several of these domains, up to 30% of the expenses for a maximal amount of 100,000 EUR per school. The expenses must answer needs linked to the COVID-19 crisis and be implemented between March 1st to the 31st of December 2020.

In addition, another fund of 10 million euros is approved to help the schools seeing a significant decrease in term of students (more than 5%), and facing financial difficulties as a direct consequence, to relaunch the activity: adaptation to the new situation, improvement of the school attractiveness (for ex by decreasing temporarily the fees), improvement in communication, etc.

The support can represent:

– 50% of the expenses for a max amount of 150,000 EUR if the number of students has dropped more than 5% in comparison with 2019

– 100% of the expenses for a max amount of 300,000 EUR if the number of students has dropped more than 25% in comparison with 2019

The AEFE and diplomats will communicate shortly on the specific details for these funds, benefiting all the French schools abroad, no matter their status.It is important to emphasize that these funds are subventions and not simple credits.

It is an opportunity that each school would have to seize!

We are very happy about these 2 support funds, that will allow to decrease the charges supported by the schools, and at the end the financial weight supported by the families.

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Webinar 1: what methods to consolidate your child concentration in the current context?

Children have reduced ability to concentrate and have boundless energy in comparison to adults.

This is quite normal! Concentration ability increases with the child’s growth.

Lack of concentration can, however, be a struggle in the learning process because of the attention dispersion in our current life, the stress associated with the Corona Virus, the change in the mode of teaching between face-to-face and e-learning…

So, how to develop and consolidate your child’s concentration?

How can you help him learn better and succeed?

The APE is organizing a webinar on the 4th of November 2020, hosted by Fedoua El Kabsi, coach in personal and professional development, to help you support your children through tips and simple tools that will allow them to find helpful environment to learning.

Places are limited.

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Report of the budget meeting

Outcome of the « Budget Meeting » held on the 13th October 2020:

1. The LLM has foreseen an increase for the 2021/2022 school fees of:

  • 4% for the ‘maternelle’
  • 2% for the ‘élémentaire’
  • 5% for the ‘collège’
  • 1% for the ‘lycée’

and is exclusively the decision of the AEFE to decide upon.

2. The APE has stated that it remains the decision of the ADEK as a last party to validate.

3- The AEFE circulaire as per circulaire 1566 specifies that associations of parents have only the right to give ‘un avis’ / opinion but our vote is not credited.

4- Hence the APE has suggested that the LLM takes the responsibility to send a draft to families to inform them ASAP. If the situation turns out to be difficult, the school, and not the parents’ associations, must take full responsibility for responding to parental feedback.

5- The financial controller agreed upon following to the insistence of the APE President.

6. A detailed report will be shared in details once issued by the management.

7. APE is absolutely against this increase which comes at a critical time given the current context.

8. We are still awaiting for the detailed reasons of this increase (renovation of the gymnasium, etc.)


APE Board members

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Special offers for the APE members

Join the APE members and enjoy our partners’ offers!

For a symbolic contribution of AED 100, allowing to support our projects for the children, the APE members can benefit from all our special offers, to thank them for their support.

To join, you can simply pay online (secured payment) by clicking on the tab ‘shop’ in the navigation of our website.

25% on Annual Leisure Membership
20% on leisure facilities day passes
20% on massage treatments
25% in all F&B outlets at the hotel
APE member card must be presented
10% when staying & dining
Late check out up to 2 pm
VIP amenities
10% on all F&B
APE member card must be presented
Stay from AED 275++ with breakfast (single occupancy)
AED 325++ with breakfast (double occupancy)
25% on all restaurants
Free late check-out at 4 pm
APE member card must be presented
20% at the restaurants:
Sambusek, Dai Pai Dong, La Cava, 
Hidden Bar, Lobby Lounge, GLO
APE member card must be presented
Discount not combinable with any other promotion
Not applicable for Sambusek's All You Can Eat 
at Al Hamra Street & Vegan Set Menu / Dai Pai Dong's 
All You Can Eat Dim Sum Lunch & Business Lunch Menu / 
Ladies Night at GLO
Applicable on table of max 4 persons.
20% at the restaurants:
Café Palmier, Market Kitchen, 
P. J. O'Reilly's, Stratos
APE member card must be presented
20% at the restaurants:
The Terrasse, Villa Toscana, 
Cabana Beach Bar & Grill, Crystal Lounge
APE member card must be presented
25% on all F&B
APE member card must be presented
25% on all F&B
APE member card must be presented
65 AED for General Access, all Days
Valid until end of December 2021
Offer not valid with any other discount
APE member card must be presented
Max 4 tickets for each card at the same time
20% on all chocolate items 
& special event arrangements
Offer valid until 15 September 2021
Excluding ice cream
APE member card must be presented
Movenpick Nation Towers
15% on all ice creams
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Cafe Bateel Nation Towers
15% on F&B
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Wafi Gourmet Nation Towers
20% on F&B
APE member card must be presented
French Flower Nation Towers
30% on all orders
APE member card must be presented
15% on all purchases
APE member card must be presented
Valid until 15 September 2021
Only in Abu Dhabi store
Not applicable in conjunction with any other promotion
Not applicable for online purchases
Up to 50% discount
French speaker coaches
Kids classes allowed from 7 to 17 year old (max 5 per session)
APE member card must be presented
15% on all services
APE member card must be presented
Valid until 15 September 2021
Toni Ghanem Saloon at Holiday Inn Downtown
30% on all services
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Nails Nation Towers
15% on all services
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20% on all cares (for cash payments)
10% on all cares (if insurance co-payment)
Offers valid until 15 September 2021
APE member card must be presented
30% on CBCT 3D X-rays
20% on routine procedures
15% on Veneers
10% on Orthodontic Treatments
Offers valid until 10 October 2021
APE member card must be presented
Valid only on cash price list
Not valid in conjunction with any other offer
Free dental check-up
Free orthodontic consultation
Free fluoride application
20% on all dental procedures
APE member card must be presented