Dear Parents,

The APE invites you to express your wish to be a parent delegate of your child’s class for college grades. As you know, each year, a list of volunteer parents comprising 2 holders and if possible 2 substitutes for each class of the middle and high school is established.

If you wish to actively participate in the life of your child’s class for college grades, we invite you to send us your contact details, mentioning your name and the class you will represent at the following email address:

For those who have not yet had the opportunity to play this role, we invite you to read the explanations below.


  • Communication role:
    • Between parents of students in the same class.
    • Between the parents of this class and the school.
  • Role of parent representative of the whole class:
    • Class councils
    • At meetings of parent delegates


  • Question an approach or even a teaching method as well as the programs.
  • Act as an intermediary between a teacher and a parent in the event of an individual problem.
  • Circulate petitions, advertisements or anonymous letters.
  • Participate in class councils with the sole objective of discussing your child’s situation.


The list of parent delegates, including their e-mails and telephone numbers, will be communicated by class, and must be kept confidential.

Within a reasonable period of time, the APE will give the parent-delegates of each class a list including: the name of each pupil, the name of the legal representatives as well as their e-mails. When new families arrive, parent delegates will be informed of any changes to the class list.

The parent-delegate can ask for help from the APE if it is difficult for them to get in touch with a family.

Class Council Calendar: The timetable for class councils (date, time and place) will be notified by the establishment in its weekly letter. An e-mail will also be sent to parent-delegates by the APE on this subject.

(*) Note: The e-mail address is communicated to the delegated parents only if the parents authorize the establishment to disseminate this information, in accordance with the data in the school life sheet filled in and updated at the start of the school year.


The two parents elected from the same class must agree to coordinate their communication with the other parents in the class.

From the list of e-mails of families in the class given by the establishment, parent-delegates contact the parents of their class.

Please note: Family email addresses are personal and confidential data that must be treated as such. As a consequence and unless the families agree otherwise, the parent-class delegate must use the function “send in hidden copy – bcc (in English) or cci (in French)”, when he wants to distribute information to all parents of his class. In this way, the confidentiality of the class list is preserved and cannot be used by third parties.

If he wishes and subject to the approval of the families, the parent-delegate can constitute, with the help and for the attention of the families, a contact file for his class with personal data that the parents authorize. to communicate (in free format with data such as: Name, postal address, telephone numbers, mobiles, emails, etc.). Where applicable, this file is made up of the parent representatives with the parents of their class without intervention from the establishment. The delegates who are responsible for disseminating them must recall the personal and confidential use to be made of the data they disseminate.


When it is clearly stipulated, the parent-delegate transmits to the parents of his class the information received from the Lycée (school life, Communication, infirmary, orientation, events …) concerning the life of the class or all the students.

Parent delegates must inform parents within a reasonable time of the dates of class councils and meetings with the administration in order to collect, in advance, questions and opinions from parents on subjects that affect the class.


The parent delegate endeavors to collect the opinions of the parents of the class he represents in advance.

The parent-delegate must participate in class councils while respecting the confidentiality of personal information relating to children; only the family of the child concerned has the right to information about their own child, if they request the delegated parent after the class council.

The detailed list of averages by subject for each pupil which is distributed to the parent delegates is a confidential document which must be treated as such and which must not be distributed outside the class council.

The parent delegates write the report of the class council for the attention of the families of the class, including the general information communicated on the whole class (a model report will be offered to the parent delegates).

Dissemination of the report: In order to standardize practices and ensure the dissemination of this report to all parents, it must be sent to the president of the class council within a reasonable period of three days after the Class Council. The distribution will then be provided by the school which will transmit it via Pronote.


The parent-delegate meeting takes place once a quarter with representatives of all classes, in order to collect questions and suggestions that may help improve the functioning of the establishment.

It precedes the meeting of statutory bodies, which alone have decision-making power.