A meeting was organized last Sunday 8 November with the LLM, to answer some of the questions that parents have raised to the APE. Please see below the summary.

Face-to-face for secondary school classes:

ADEK asks that face-to-face be 50% but not possible at LLM (25% only) for the following reasons:

– The schedules are done on half-days, because it is not possible today to make lunch the pupils, nor in the canteen (not enough places and the cleaning between 2 services would take too much time), nor with a lunch box outside (all benches have been removed).

– The timetables have been changed to include subjects such as sports or music in the afternoon, subjects which cannot be taught in person anyway.

– The specialties for terminal years lead to additional constraints, because there is no limit in the possible combinations, so each specialty can group together students from different classes, which may exceed the limit number. The solution put in place is that students beyond the maximum number follow the course in an adjacent classroom, on a screen, and there is now a supervisor in these rooms.

– The same model will be applied a priori for classes starting in January.

Other solutions are being tested or under study:

– For some levels, lunch box to spend a full day at school, but limited option due to space available.

– Provide other rooms for the lunch box meal? Question of availability again, especially with the resumption of other classes in January and complicated cleaning to meet health constraints.

– Suggestions from associations: give priority to the levels which pass exams, and especially the final ones. Could a snack be considered if the days are shorter?

The impact on school transport:

– It is not possible to reduce the time spent in the buses because it depends on the routes.

– Buses will be made available at 10 a.m.

– For the resumption of video lessons at home at 2 p.m. and the fact that some students arrive late and do not have time to eat: the teachers are notified and it is ok for the students to eat during the lesson.

– Under study: possibility of eating a lunch box before getting on the buses because it is not allowed on the buses.


– Evaluations made on secondary school classes do not show dropouts or students in great difficulty (one case in terminal).


Lots of communication this year from the LLM and associations to parents, via all digital channels.

Sum of homework that is sometimes too important: parents must discuss it with the head teacher.

Exposure to screens: for the educational aspect, it is a question of responding to current constraints, a reduction in exposure to screens can only be done during leisure time.

EPS for the Bac: no info yet on how it will be assessed.

Internships: waiting for more info, for the moment on break.

Payment by credit card for school fees: not possible at the moment because parents cannot enter the school, and not possible to set up a payment system via the website (data protection and link with the Public Treasury).

AEFE funds: the LLM does not meet the criteria, so no file sent.

Security: instead of providing badges to access the school to pick up students, you will be asked to present the its learning application on the mobile phone. Metal detectors will be provided to security members.

Bourses: alert the consulate if a family’s situation changes due to the crisis.

IT infrastructure:

Many investments have been made:

– HD video in all rooms.

– Big updates of software and programs.

– Additional WiFi points, all buildings are completely covered.

– Interactive boards.

– Some students prefer to use their own equipment and the transmission quality is lower than that offered by the school.

– Teacher training in new online tools, to be provided for new teachers who have joined recently. A new teacher has been added for training. It is a new profession, still in the process of adjustment, all over the world.

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