About Us

Do you know the Association of Parents Students (APE) of the LLM?  

The Association of Parents’ Committee (APE) of the LLM is made up of a group of volunteering parents whose objectives are to support the interaction among the education community, the management of the school and the parents in order to contribute to the invigoration of the school life, the improvement of the infrastructures and the support of parents.

During previous years, the APE has worked side by side with the management of the school in order to give more dynamism to its actions in the service of students.

The APE has offered a variety of donations such as an amount of AED 10,000 in order to put in place a gaming structure in the schoolyards. The APE has also offered pieces of art for an amount of AED 36,000. (an official inauguration will take place during next year in better conditions).

The APE organizes its General Assembly every year during the end of the month of September at the auditorium; therefore please don’t hesitate to come in order to get to know the Association, get to know its objectives, its programs, and possibly to become a member of the APE in order to support a constructive effort to improve the well-being of the community.

For more information please don’t hesitate to visit our Facebook page at APE LLM Abu Dhabi. You can also join us by Mail on the following address apellmabudhabi@outlook.fr or on Instagram on the account apellmad.