Let’s build together the future of our children

  • The APE is by your side in the search for training.
    No matter the format in 2021, we are engaged to support students in their training search, with our network and skills. We will communicate details shortly. Meanwhile, if you have […]
  • Important info from the AEFE regarding budget
    Dear Parents, Kindly be informed that a special AEFE meeting took place on Thursday, October 16. As a result, a support fund of 15 million euros has been approved, to […]
  • Webinar 1: what methods to consolidate your child concentration in the current context?
    Children have reduced ability to concentrate and have boundless energy in comparison to adults. This is quite normal! Concentration ability increases with the child’s growth. Lack of concentration can, however, […]
  • Your opinion matters
    We need to hear from you about the school fees increase planned by the LLM for 2021/2022 (if approval from ADEK), to better understand your position on the topic and […]
  • Report of the budget meeting
    Outcome of the « Budget Meeting » held on the 13th October 2020: 1. The LLM has foreseen an increase for the 2021/2022 school fees of: 4% for the ‘maternelle’ […]
  • Special offers for the APE members
    Join the APE members and enjoy our partners’ offers! For a symbolic contribution of AED 100, allowing to support our projects for the children, the APE members can benefit from […]
  • Election results
    Dear parents, The APE is happy to inform you that the number of voters this year has increased, with around 20% of families engaged.We are fully aware that it reflects […]
  • Elections’ campaign
    Dear Parents, In accordance with the announcement made by the administration, the election of parents’ representatives of the Lycée Louis Massignon will take place on October 13, 2020. The election […]
  • Project Forum of Professions
    The forum of professions took place on Thursday 13 February at the LLM. The Superintendent sincerely thanked all the participants for their availability among them were members of the APE Madame Rafai (Director of human resources and training ), Mrs Feghaly (lawyer), Doctor Hachem (Surgeon […]
  • Desert run February 12
    The desert run was sponsored by the APE thanks to our generous supporter BBS design.  All students of CE2 and CM1 completed their contract in the morning of Wednesday 12 February […]